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Cocaine, legal and technical defenses

Cocaine, legal and technical defenses

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Published by National College of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Public Defenders in Houston, Tex .
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      Uses. Cocaine is used by health care professionals to temporarily numb the lining of the mouth, nose, and throat (mucous membranes) before certain medical procedures (e.g., biopsy, stitches, wound.   Accordingly, the first defense must be to consider the substance itself. Is it something that is within the chemical definitions provided in either federal or state statutes? Is it an “illegal substance” as defined by law? Seven (7) Categories of Illegal Substances. Under both state and federal law, there are certain categories of drugs. Cocaine can cause breathing problems. The increase in bodily functions while taking a stimulant increases strain on major parts of the body. The respiratory system is at risk, and using cocaine – whether injected or smoked, but especially when smoked – can cause major breathing problems. In some cases, the body can stop breathing altogether. Cocaine aka “coca,” “coke,” “flake,” “snow” or “blow” is a powerful stimulant derived from the leaves of the coca plant found in South America. It is estimated that 90% percent of the cocaine that reaches the US originates in Colombia. In the US, cocaine is classified as .

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I actually have this book. I bought new many years ago and found it extremely useful when I was a fan of Cocaine. It does cover the life cycle of Cocaine from grower to user. There is a nice look at the history of it's use from olden times to current by: 4.

Books shelved as cocaine: The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth, Crank by Ellen Hopkins, Novel with Cocaine by M. Ageyev, The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese.

Cocaine: Selected full-text books and articles 5 Grams: Crack Cocaine, Rap Music, and the War on Drugs By Dimitri A. Bogazianos New York University Press, Read preview Overview. James M. Beck is counsel in the life sciences health industries group of Reed Smith LLP in Philadelphia.

He has overseen the development of legal defenses, master briefs, and dispositive motions in numerous mass torts, including Seroquel, a Merck analgesic product, diet drugs.

Drugs and Crime, Philip Bean Books, Taylor & Francis Books, at Meripustak. The heyday of cocaine in our nation’s history was arguably the late s through the early s.

In the summer of Richard Pryor set himself on fire while freebasing cocaine, an incident which Pryor mined for a memorable bit in the movie Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip. The movie Modern Problems featured a fantasy sequence in which the protagonist, played by Chevy.

Federal law includes cocaine in its list of narcotic drugs that have a potential for abuse and dependency, but have some medical utility (Schedule II drugs).

(21 USC § ) The law (The Controlled Substances Act) is broadly worded to encompass any derivative of or extract from coca leaves. Minnesota law prohibits the possession, manufacture, and sale of certain controlled substances.

If you are charged with a drug crime, there may be several drug defenses available. One should always consult with an attorney if charged with a criminal offense, but the following are the top ten defenses one might use to combat a drug charge.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that’s made from the leaves of the South American coca plant. For thousands of years, indigenous people in the Amazon Rainforest. Legal cocaine monitored by the FDA would have higher chemical standards, Leading to fewer overdoses.

It would also remove non-violent offenders from the prison system, Reducing the tax cost of prisons in the U. It would also be much cheaper- as shown by the crack epidemic, Where a Cocaine could be found for as little as $6 in Baltimore.

Joline Desruisseaux Alcohol Drugs and Society Assignment 5 “In Cocaine Kids, Terry Williams offers many insights into the urban drug culture of the s. For this activity, provide a brief overview of the author’s research process.

Also, pick three aspects of the drug culture that were particularly interesting to you. Provide direct evidence from the. The experienced Houston drug crime defense lawyers at the Neal Davis Law Firm help you understand everything you need to know about your legal options.

Texas Cocaine Laws First, you should know that Texas laws banning the use or sale of cocaine are very strict and make the crime an immediate felony. This book was pretty informative in terms of summing up the criminal defense practice of law.

However, it did not contain everything I had hoped it would. While it gave a fairly good deal of general practice advice, it did not always get into the specifics of "how-to" that new attorneys can benefit s:   If you're charged with possession of drugs, either for personal use or with intent to sell, a criminal defense attorney can determine which defenses might apply to your defenses challenge the stated facts, testimony or evidence in legal and technical defenses book case; others target procedural errors, and some defendants challenge drug possession charges on the basis of an affirmative defense.

Legal (up to 2 grams of cocaine or 5 grams of cocaine-freebase) Illegal: Illegal: Legal (Coca Plants) Cultivation of coca plants is legal, and coca leaves are sold openly on markets. Similarly to Bolivia, chewing leaves and drinking coca tea are cultural practices. Possession of up to 2 grams of cocaine or up to 5 grams of coca paste is legal.

So, the federal law still imposes a different and harsher sentence for crack cocaine possession than it does for powder cocaine possession, but the disparity is not nearly as great as under the Act. See a Lawyer.

Regardless of changes in federal law, a charge of crack or powder cocaine. (Legal Use of Cocaine in the US) "Once the cocaine has been legally produced from the coca leaf, it is exported to various countries for medicinal use, basically as a topical anesthetic (applied to the surface, not injected, only treating a particular area).

In the United States the crystalline powder is imported to pharmaceutical companies who process and package the cocaine for medical use. Updated December 2, Penal Code PC is the California statute that makes it a crime for a person to bring a controlled substance into a jail or California state offense is a felony punishable by up to 3 years in county jail.

Examples. after Tom gets arrested for DUI, he smuggles a bag of meth into jail with him; during visiting hours, Nia brings a bag of cocaine into jail Author: Dee M. Cocaine is a central nervous stimulant drug made from the coco leaf primarily made in Columbia, Peru and Bolivia.

The cocaine extraction process is complex and involves heating, then cooling the leaves. Alcohol is then added and distilled off to create the most pure alkaloid form. U.S. pharmaceutical companies use cocaine for legal medicinal use as a topical anesthetic. no longer present[ed] the serious problems to law enforcement officers that it once did."3 As late asDoctor Sidney Cohen in his book The Drug Dilemma termed cocaine "a negligible factor in drug misuse, except among heroin users and isolated hipsters who will try any-thing."4 This euphoria was short lived.

Types of Drug Conspiracy Charges. There are four types of drug crimes under 21 U.S.C. § and 21 U.S.C. § Manufacturing a controlled substance – “Manufacturing” can include any action involved in the production, processing, preparation, or extraction of a controlled substance, from growing a marijuana plant to pressing pills.; Distributing a controlled substance – This means.

The majority of illicit drugs we see today were once legal, popular and used for medicinal purposes. Cocaine made its debut in toothache drops marketed to children. Cannabis was recognized for its ability to relieve pain and nausea long before it became associated with youthful vagrancy.

Mexican court says cocaine use is legal -- for two people. By Jack Guy, CNN. Updated AM ET, Wed Aug The court's ruling must be. Legal Defenses: Legal defenses in each particular case will vary based on the amount of cocaine, the nature of the possession, and more.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can offer several defenses on your behalf, including: Lack of knowledge: The law requires that you willfully and knowingly possessed cocaine. Coming into accidental. Other Defenses to Possession Cocaine. Aside from legal and factual defenses, a criminal defense lawyer will analyze a possession of cocaine case to determine if his/her client has any other defenses.

Analyzing a possession of cocaine case for such defenses requires attention to detail. A criminal attorney will begin his/her analysis with a. Cocaine is the second most popular illegal recreational drug in the United States behind marijuana, and the U.S.

is the world's largest consumer of cocaine. InOregon would become the first U.S. state to decriminalize cocaine. Cocaine was a mainstay in the silent film industry. The pro-drug messages coming out of Hollywood at this time were receiving international attention which influenced the attitudes of millions of people about cocaine.

As a rule, famous people are role models that can and do influence the masses. Star power has proven time and again to be the. Traditional Defenses, Technical Defenses and the Law of Self-Incrimination, Admissions and Confessions, Miranda, and Immunity.

Here’s an essential guide to the law of criminal defenses in Massachusetts. Each defense is broken down into key elements — hundreds in all — with the critical language from the most important cases illuminating. A controversial new law decriminalising the possession of small amounts of heroin, marijuana, cocaine and other illicit substances was quietly slipped on to the statute books in Mexico yesterday.

When a person goes to trial for a crime, he or she is represented by a criminal defense is the defense attorney’s job to speak for the defendant and to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Because a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, the defense attorney does not carry the burden of proving that his or her client is innocent, although they may present witnesses. For example, a minor cannot agree to sell drugs, but could be included as a co-conspirator if a defendant was using the minor to traffic drugs.

Other defenses are more like defensive strategies. Because conspiracy punishes the agreement, the most direct defense is to prove that an agreement never existed.

Sale or Distribution of Cocaine in North Carolina. Punishments increase further for the sale or distribution of cocaine, which is categorized as a Class G felony. These penalties may include fines and up to 31 months in prison.

If the amount of cocaine is suspected to be over 28 grams, North Carolina law considers that activity to be trafficking. When analyzing defenses to possession cocaine, a criminal lawyer must first determine if the client’s case presents any legal defenses. A legal defense, which is different from a factual defense, addresses legal procedure and whether or not your case presents any violation of law on the part of police, the courts, or the prosecution.

Cocaine is a naturally occurring chemical found in the leaves of Erythroxylum coca or coca plant, which is native to South America. Coca leaves have been used and abused for hundreds of years. Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that directly affects the nervous system, including the brain.

*Florida's medical marijuana law will appear in the state constitution (with regulations to follow) when it takes effect on January 3, Statutory Elements of a Drug Possession Charge The illegal nature of the controlled substance: The prosecutor must present evidence that the seized material is a controlled substance as defined by Florida law.

Cocaine. Cocaine is the second greatest drug threat to Delaware. Powdered cocaine and crack cocaine are readily available and commonly abused, and their distribution and abuse are more commonly associated with violent crime than any other drug in the state.

Health & Safety Code (a) HS is the California drug law that makes it a crime to possess methamphetamines and certain other narcotics for personal use.

In most cases, simple possession will be charged as a misdemeanor that carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a maximum fine of $ Penalties. The consequences of a conviction can include:Author: Dee M.

Cultivating or manufacturing illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine or marijuana, is illegal under federal and state laws (with limited exceptions for marijuana in certain states).Drug "manufacturing," in a criminal law setting, occurs when an individual is involved in any step of the illicit drug production process.

So far: First of all--a note on the book's tone, which is familiar, cutesy, silly, very British. A bit *too* silly, it is also endearing, & can get the reader through a lot of initially dry but important material such as Inca history, Spanish colonial mines & the forced labor system of mita imposed on the native South Americans, patent medicines, & the way cocaine interweaves through all these /5().

'Cocaine Nation' A Case For Legalization In his book, Cocaine Nation, Tom Feiling traces the growth of the cocaine industry worldwide, from Latin American coca fields to America's inner cities.

I think this is a very important question, and should correctly be differentiated from the generalized question "Should currently illegal drugs be legalized in the US?" Cocaine, in my opinion, is a special case.

There is a vast group of people in.Crack cocaine is a highly addictive form of cocaine It is usually smoked, and believed to be the most addictive form of cocaine. Other terms used include crack, rock, base and iron, among others. Because of its potential for abuse and/or addiction, crack cocaine is classified as a Schedule 2 drug in Michigan, which means the punishment for.

Cocaine / Crack, Drugs. Burritos ‘Might Have Driven’ Chipotle Exec To Drugs: Bloomberg. By Bess Levin - Dealbreaker For some people, cocaine is a .